Pet Peace of Mind

A Caucasian man is indoors in a living room. He is wearing casual clothing. He is smiling while sitting on a couch and petting a cute cat.Keeping Pets and Families Together Through Life’s Transitions

Pet Peace of Mind is a national program that enables hospice patients to keep their pets close to them through their end of life journey.

For many in hospice care, changes in their physical condition may lead to a decrease of previously enjoyed social opportunities and relationships.  The pets offer unconditional love, acceptance, comfort and companionship when it’s needed most.

Pet Peace of Mind provides helping hands and financial assistance to the pet owner in need. Caring volunteers are able to assist patients with their pet care needs.  This loving support relieves the patient’s worry for their pet’s current and future needs.

Hand holding dog paw.

How We Help

Services offered by Hospice of Odessa's Pet Peace of Mind may include assistance with:

  • Veterinary care, such as vaccinations or heart worm testing
  • Financial assistance for pet food and medications
  • Pet care, for example, feeding, walking, play and affection activities
  • Placement for the pet if a new home is needed after the patient’s death

All services are need-based and depend upon volunteer availability.

For more information and to schedule a consultation please contact Hospice of Midland's Volunteer Coordinator (432) 686-6101.

Cassidy's Story

Cassidy's StoryCassidy, a small, three-legged dog, belonged to a caring, elderly man. When the man became terminally ill and entered hospice, Cassidy’s fate was in jeopardy. This uncertainty weighed heavily on the owner.

Sharon Wetz, a local hospice volunteer, helped the man find rest through Pet Peace of Mind.

“The patient wasn’t doing real well,” Wetz said. “He was just more worried about the dog than himself.”

Wetz immediately thought of her son Matt and his wife, Alison. She just knew the couple would be the perfect adoptive family for Cassidy.

“We were just glad to help him have a peaceful time as he was so sick,” Alison said.

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